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Dr Caitriona O’Riordan


Caitriona joined the Tower Medical Team in 2016, following both her parents who founded the practice in 1987. She has a special interest in all aspects of Women’s Health having completed a Women’s Health Diploma with the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. She is especially interested in Menopause and HRT. She is also a Long-Acting Contraceptive - Implanon’s and Mirena Coils, inserter and tutor. She is trained in all aspects of women’s reproductive health, covering contraception to obstetric care. She is passionate about addressing all aspects of Women’s health and wellbeing.

She also has a keen interest in Children’s Health with three young children herself. In addition, she completed a year of training in Cardiff where she completed a Diploma in Practical Dermatology and from there, she has gone onto have a keen interest in treating all skin conditions especially acne. Caitriona has been an examiner for the Irish College of General Practice and a member of the examination writing committee, who examine incoming GPs.

She has an avid interest in teaching and continued medical education and she uses this knowledge to enrich the quality of her patient’s medical care.

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