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Re-Order Your Prescriptions Using PIPPO

Updated: Feb 12

You can now re-order your prescriptions using PIPPO App - link here.


Download the PIPPO App and create an account (your details must exactly match what is on your chart in the surgery).   

Medication that you have been given in the last 12 months will be listed. Please pick the ones you require and follow the instructions.     

We request that where at all possible you use PIPPO as it will greatly speed up the process of re-ordering your prescription. 

Prescriptions are typically issued during an in person consultation and a plan is put in place for repeat prescription requests. If it has been more than 6 months since you have consulted your doctor or you are taking medications that require blood-test monitoring and/or a blood pressure check, we may advise you by text or email that a consultation is necessary before your repeat prescription can be issued safely.

Please allow 48 hours for the prescription to be sent to your pharmacy.

There is a repeat prescription fee for private patients which must be paid prior to processing your request.

Thank you. 

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